Reporting Crime or suspicious activities to the Houston Police Department informs and allows them to respond.

For emergency situations always call 911

For non-emergency situations call 713-884-3131

To report a tip for a crime call 713-222-8477

For some activites that you wish to report to the police that you wish them to be aware of but do not necessitate an immediate response(drug trafficking, prostitution, selling alcohol/tobacco to minors, people always running a particular stop sign or speeding, you may submit an Action Request by calling the North Division at 281-405-5300

You can also download and fill out an Action Request form and email it to or fax it to 281-405-5307

Reporting crime, even if it is of a trivial nature such as mischief, cars broken into but nothing stolen, or theft of low-value items such as a plant or garden pavers, lets police know there is criminal activity in the area and allows them to re-prioritize their resources accordingly.