Mangum Manor Park
5235 Saxon
Houston TX  77092

Park hours: 7 AM - 11 PM

About Mangum Manor Park
Mangum Manor Park was acquired by the City of Houston in 1956 as part of the development of the Mangum Manor neighborhood.

Amenities include a full-featured playground, multiple water fountains, picnic tables, a tennis court, a squash/practice court, workout equipment, an asphalt-paved track with an inner 1/3 mile and outer 1/4 mile route, and a baseball diamond.

The park consists of 6.82 acres of lightly wooded park land and is well-lit at night.

To report problems with park equipment, failed lighting or overgrown grass, please call 3-1-1.

To report suspicious persons or activity, please call Houston Police non-Emergency at (713)884-3131

To report emergencies call 9-1-1

If using the Houston311 website to report an issue, there is no specific street address, but use the street location of Saxon with the cross street as Costa Rica.

To propose an improvement or new idea for the park, contact the Mangum Manor Civic Club by emailing

A Tree Story
Mangum Manor Park suffered greatly during the great drought of 2011. Dozens and dozens of trees died and were soon falling on an almost weekly basis. Before anyone was crushed, the City of Houston sent in a crew in the winter of 2011 to begin culling out the dead trees. Where once a grove of ancient trees stood, mostly oaks and pines, was left a near-barren field of stumps. Later in 2012, a local couple initiated, at their own expense, to begin reviving the tree population of the park, soon planting over 50+ trees. Such unsanctioned activity was soon discouraged by the city and came to loggerheads. In 2013, the Mangum Manor Civic Club undertook a collective project to allocate $500 for a tree-plating project, compose and submit plans for the project to the city, gain official approval and at long last planted 11 trees on May 4, 2013.

Views from Mangum Manor Park
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Mangum Manor Park Entrance
Mangum Manor Park Entrance
Mangum Manor Park Slide
Mangum Manor Park Slide
Mangum Manor Park Center
Mangum Manor Park Center

Mangum Manor Park Sign